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We understand the importance of having a fire risk assessor who understands the unique challenges holiday and residential parks. 

Having assessed hundreds of parks across the UK, our FRAs have withstood the scrutiny of the Fire and Local Authorities. We've supported our clients with everything from site licence applications, spacing issues, and even tenant disputes.

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Fire Extinguishers 

Due to the number of fire points required on caravan parks, the costs of fire extinguisher servicing and replacement can quickly spiral out of control.  


We buck the trend by taking an innovative approach to managing fire extinguishers on your park.

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Residential park fire risk assessment

Our Ethos

“Holiday and residential caravan parks are unique industries which put customer service at the forefront. They both have their own challenges which deserve experts in fire safety. There’s nothing worse than seeing a luxury development littered with luminescent signs or a fire risk assessor who goes blank when you mention the Model Standards.

I founded my consultancy, PDT Safety, in 2014 to bring a fresh perspective to health and safety. In 2020 I founded Park Fire Safety to bring our established no-nonsense approach to fire safety.   

Potentially due to the site licence requirements for fire points, our industry has far more extinguishers than most which presents a challenge. We're committed to overcoming this challenge, not only for the financial benefit, but also to safeguard our environment.

Our mission is to always maintain common sense, keep fire safety in perspective, and keep your customers safe.”

Peter Thomas MSc CMIOSH

Proud to be associate members of the BHHPA

Client Feedback


Mackland Park Homes

“We are so happy we have found Park Fire Safety, we have found Peter to be honest, trust worthy and has an amazing experience and knowledge in the field of park homes."


Kirstie Apps
Solicitor, Apps Legal

“I have known Peter for a number of years. Peter's knowledge of fire safety on residential and holiday parks is second to none. He has a full grasp of the model standard conditions of caravan site licences across the board. I do not hesitate to put my clients in touch with Peter, who is very approachable and always willing to help.”


Raoul Fraser
Founder of Lovat Parks 

"We have worked with Pete for over two years and would highly recommend him. His knowledge of his sector has not only made our parks safer but saved us considerable expenses."

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