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The caravan park industry seems to have way more fire extinguishers than any other industry I know, probably due to the volume of fire points required on parks. Not only do park operators face a hefty annual service bill for these extinguishers but due to their exposure to the elements, they often corrode early and have to be replaced regularly. These service and replacement costs can quickly add up.

Caravan Park Fire Extinguishers at Park Fire Safety

But now there's a better way! A new kind of extinguisher, manufactured from marine grade anti-corrosive components. In fact, they're constructed from Kevlar, isn't that what they make bulletproof vests from? The manufacturer is so confident, that they have a 10-year guarantee. 

But will they cost more? I hear you cry. Well, no. They have no annual maintenance charges and only require a simple visual inspection which can be completed by a member of your staff. On average our customers are saving 47% over a 10-year period.  

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We also offer traditional fire extinguisher servicing.


How much do your fire extinguishers really cost you?

In this short video, I show you just two of the issues faced when servicing extinguishers in park fire points. Corrosion to the body of the extinguisher caused by water ingress into the extinguisher case and then damage to the maintenance label.

Both could lead to the extinguisher technician failing the service and replacing the unit, at the park operators cost of course.

PS. Excuse the hair, this was filmed post COVID lockdown. 

The most common issue I face is corrosion to a fire extinguisher body or components. It's not surprising as it's really difficult to keep fireboxes watertight. The picture on the right is of one of the fire extinguishers I filmed in the video above.


The level of corrosion is clear to see and so it is perhaps unsurprising that an extinguisher in this condition would fail an annual service. Not only is there a huge financial consideration but consider the impact on the environment. Due to their construction fire extinguishers are notoriously difficult to recycle; I'll explain more about this later. 

Caravan park fire extinguishers

Which type of fire extinguisher do I need?


Another key benefit of the P50 fire extinguishers is that they have multiple applications. Traditionally caravan park site licences recommend two 9 litre water fire extinguishers which have a 13A rating.


The 6ltr foam P50 is 34A rated. Without getting too technical, the A rating indicates that the extinguisher is effective against a fire involving solid fuels such as wood, paper, textiles or plastics. The number, 34, indicates the size of fire it can tackle. As you can see the P50 can deal with a significantly larger fire than a traditional 9ltr water.


But there's more; the P50 is also rated to 183B so it works on liquid fires also.


Finally, you'd never dream of using a water-based fire extinguisher on an electrical fire but the P50 is suitable for use on live electrical up to 1kV.

Whereas previously a fire point may have had a 6ltr Foam and a 2kg CO2; the P50 does it all. Further reducing your inventory and saving you money. 

We also offer traditional fire extinguisher servicing! 

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Why did we start servicing fire extinguishers?



I was conducting a fire risk assessment on a new luxury lodge development in the North West a few years ago. I was gobsmacked at just how many fire extinguishers were being installed. In one small room there were four fire points with eight extinguishers in total and that was just the start. I really felt like my client was being ripped off, with health and safety being used as a convenient excuse.   

I'd had enough and signed up on the next BAFE SP101 Fire Extinguisher Technicians course. It was then that I learned that a lot of extinguisher technicians work on a commission basis, sell more extinguishers to hit that bonus! 

We vowed to do things differently! Our first priority is to conduct a fire risk assessment of the park including a full review of the existing fire extinguisher assets. We aim to reduce the number of extinguishers on your park to the optimum levels, ensuring you're safe whilst not being overstocked.     



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